1:01 - FCC to Cough Up $43,000 Settlement for Refusing to Turn Over Fake Comment Records
3:12 - Microsoft Says the FCC 'Overstates' Broadband Availability in the US
5:01 - The majority of scooters in LA are going to share your location with the city
6:36 - California reintroduces 'Right to Repair' bill after previous effort failed
8:20 - Pentagon Wants to Test A Space-Based Weapon in 2023
11:14 - Racing Against China, U.S. Reveals Details of $500 Million Supercomputer
12:40 - Nevada considers technology to scan cellphones after crashes
14:15 - Virginia transit officials drove through Elon Musk’s tunnel. They say they’ll stick with railways and roads
16:17 - Google fined nearly $1.7 billion for ad practices that violated European antitrust laws
18:27 - EU citizens being tracked on sensitive government sites
19:55 - Brexit: More Than 3 Million People Demand Cancellation
21:55 - TV piracy ring walks the plank after Euro cops launch 14 raids and shutter 11 data centres
23:33 - Germany urged to champion global treaty to ban 'killer robots'
25:28 - Google bans VPN ads in China
27:22 - Who pressured WHO to put gaming on a par with drug addiction to help silence political dissent? Oh hi there, China
29:49 - Vladimir Putin signs sweeping Internet-censorship bills
31:07 - Uber used secret spyware to try to crush Australian start-up GoCatch
32:43 - Ghana cedis: Google regrets 'glitch' that tanked Ghanaian currency
33:44 - MIT Develops Algorithm to Accelerate Neural Network Evaluation by 200x
37:40 - Safety first: Volvo to add in-car sensors to prevent drunk driving
39:05 - Nvidia’s latest AI software turns rough doodles into realistic landscapes
40:51 - US Military Getting Robotic Exoskeletons To Turn Soldiers Into Superhumans
42:37 - A Robot Leg Learned to Walk by Itself Without Programming, in a Scarily Short Time

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