2:58 - What You Need To Know About Deleting Your Facebook Account
4:28 - Facebook Has Agreed to Brief House Panel on Misuse of Data, Official Says
7:20 - FTC opens investigation into Facebook after Cambridge Analytica scrapes millions of users' personal information
8:32 - Facebook Data Unfairly Mined by Democrats Claims Ex Obama Campaign
11:59 - Cambridge Analytica was offered politicians' hacked emails, say witnesses
13:29 - Law-enforcement officers raid Cambridge Analytica's London offices
15:47 - Cambridge Analytica's London HQ placed on lockdown as police investigate suspect package
16:35 - Mark Zuckerberg: Russia using Facebook to meddle in midterm elections
18:23 - Mozilla pulls ads off Facebook over data access concerns
19:20 - Elon Musk deletes own, SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages after #deletefacebook
19:52 - WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook
20:35 - Bye Facebook, hello Instagram: Users head for Facebook-owned social network
22:31 - Now would be a very good time to delete Facebook
24:49 - Facebook Users And Shareholders File Four Lawsuits Over Data Harvesting
29:24 - Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for the Cambridge Analytica scandal
32:03 - Computer science faces an ethics crisis. The Cambridge Analytica scandal proves it.
41:11 - FCC chief cites concerns on spy threats from Chinese telecoms firms
42:49 - Senate passes controversial online sex trafficking bill
44:39 - Craigslist personals, some subreddits disappear after FOSTA passage
47:37 - South Korea to shut off computers to stop people working late
49:27 - Trump announces $60 billion tariff on Chinese high-tech and other goods
50:37 - No laughing matter: China regulator bans TV parodies amid content crackdown
52:36 - Omnibus bill contains CLOUD Act, a win for tech and law enforcement
55:37 - AT&T suffers another blow in court over throttling of "unlimited" data
56:48 - Justice Dept. Revives Push to Mandate a Way to Unlock Phones
58:20 - FCC Under Fire for 'Sweetheart' AT&T, Verizon Spectrum Deals
1:02:16 - MoviePass' Low Subscription Price Just Got Lower
1:05:51 - Reddit Wades Into the Gun Control Debate
1:06:18 - YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the Gun Control Debate
1:08:45 - YouTube Will 'Frustrate' Some Users With Ads So They Pay for Music
1:10:13 - Amazon just passed Alphabet to become the world's second most valuable company
1:12:11 - AMD Corporate: Initial AMD Technical Assessment
1:14:10 - Some Galaxy S9 and S9+ units have large dead zones on the touchscreen
1:15:41 - NVIDIA RTX Technology To Usher In Real-Time Ray Tracing Holy Grail Of Gaming Graphics
1:17:31 - IBM unveils 'world's smallest computer' with blockchain at Think 2018
1:19:55 - Slower Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU reportedly found in some laptops
1:22:06 - NVIDIA GPP Ignites Uproar & Calls for Boycott as AIBs Begin Signing on
1:28:12 - European Comission Fines Capacitor Producers In €254 Million Over Cartel Fraud
1:31:23 - Atlanta city government systems down due to ransomware attack
1:32:58 - Telegram Loses Bid to Block Russia From Encryption Keys
1:33:47 - Orbitz Says Legacy Travel Site Likely Hacked, Affecting 880K
1:34:08 - Netflix unveils Netflix Sans, a new custom typeface developed with Dalton Maag
1:35:57 - British scientists develop wearable MRI scanner
1:37:06 - Macular degeneration: 'I've been given my sight back'
1:38:56 - A quarter of Americans are online almost constantly
1:40:14 - Sierra Leone government denies the role of blockchain in its recent election
1:41:03 - Executive Order on Taking Additional Steps to Address the Situation in Venezuela
1:42:51 - Pablo Escobar's Brother Says He Met an FBI Agent Posing As Satoshi Nakamoto
1:45:11 - Twitter CEO: Bitcoin will be the world's 'single currency' in 10 years
1:45:51 - Twitter will ban most cryptocurrency-related ads
1:46:30 - Child abuse imagery found within bitcoin's blockchain
1:48:08 - New York power companies can now charge Bitcoin miners more
1:49:40 - Self-driving Uber car hits, kills pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona crash
1:53:02 - Exclusive: Tempe police chief says early probe shows no fault by Uber
1:53:35 - To Detect Threats And Prevent Suicides, Schools Pay Company To Scan Social Media Posts
1:58:53 - EA Created An AI That Taught Itself To Play Battlefield
2:00:46 - Robots Are Coming To Pick Your Berries. So Far, They're Not So Great At It
2:02:25 - Artificial intelligence can diagnose prostate cancer as well as a pathologist
2:04:33 - MIT's Soft Robotic Fish Explores Reefs in Fiji
2:06:30 - What's the most relaxing music for dogs? One composer decided to find out
2:07:16 - William Shatner Slams Facebook for Hosting Fake Ad About His Death
2:08:13 - People were asked to name women tech leaders. They said "Alexa" and "Siri"
2:11:14 - Self-taught rocket scientist finally blasts off into California sky

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