0:23 - U.S. Justice Department will not appeal AT&T, Time Warner merger after court loss
0:43 - Microsoft CEO defends Pentagon contract following employee outcry
1:04 - New York makes its pitch -- again -- for Amazon's HQ2
1:49 - Judge says Washington state cyberstalking law violates free speech
2:42 - Tesla CEO Elon Musk should be held in contempt, SEC tells judge
4:02 - Thailand passes internet security law decried as 'cyber martial law'
4:40 - A European data privacy office has 15 open investigations. Ten are about Facebook.
5:37 - Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior In a ‘Risk’ Database
6:55 - Intel kills 5G deal with China's Unigroup over U.S. security concerns
7:19 - Chinese police test gait-recognition technology from AI start-up Watrix that identifies people based on how they walk
8:37 - 1 in 5 companies say China stole their IP within the last year
9:30 - Meng Wanzhou: Huawei chief executive can be extradited, Canada says
10:21 - ‘Gene-edited babies’ is one of the most censored topics on Chinese social media
11:36 - Twitter confirms it’s working on a ‘Hide Tweet’ feature
12:27 - BlackBerry sues Twitter for patent infringement
12:57 - Reddit tests tipping users, starting with Mr. Hell in a Cell
14:08 - Gab wants to add a comments section to everything on the internet
15:26 - TikTok to Pay $5.7 Million FTC Fine Over Child Privacy Law Allegations
16:04 - Instagram is now the number one platform for child abusers
17:41 - Facebook and Telegram Are Hoping to Succeed Where Bitcoin Failed
18:49 - Facebook wants up to 30% of fan subscriptions vs Patreon’s 5%
19:06 - Facebook admits 18% of Research spyware users were teens, not
19:38 - Revealed: Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws
21:30 - Facebook’s “Clear History” tool might actually happen. It’s about time.
22:31 - Report: Facebook Moderators Are Routinely High and Joke About Suicide to Cope With Job
24:10 - Amazon to open all-new grocery stores separate from Whole Foods
24:56 - Foldable iPhone heating system could prevent damage in cold weather
25:50 - LG’s latest flagship uses your hand veins to unlock
26:43 - The brick is back: Energizer phone has 50 days of battery life
27:47 - Amazon stops selling Dash buttons, goofy forerunners of the connected home
29:14 - YouTube to Shut Off Comments on Videos With Kids Amid Predator Scandal
30:03 - Self-harm clips hidden in kids' cartoons
31:09 - Tesla Makes Record $920 Million Payment for Convertible Bond
31:42 - Tesla will close most of its stores and only sell cars online
32:45 - Tesla finally launches standard Model 3 for $35,000
33:46 - The Polestar 2 is a Google-powered all-electric Tesla competitor
34:51 - Netflix is testing even more expensive subscription prices
35:53 - Hello, we’re making some changes - Rotten Tomatoes
37:01 - Hit with $310M Judgment, Windstream Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
38:02 - Epic Games sued over ‘predatory’ Llama loot boxes
38:45 - Nanotechnology makes it possible for mice to see in infrared
39:56 - U.S. companies put record number of robots to work in 2018
40:52 - Boeing’s autonomous fighter jet could arrive next year
41:36 - Startup Gets Ready for Factory Robots Working Alongside Humans
42:36 - Google’s DeepMind can predict wind patterns a day in advance
43:29 - 'Bad bots' account for about 40 per cent of traffic on ticketing websites
44:20 - FedEx turns to Segway inventor to build delivery robot
45:20 - 4 things you didn't know about Twitter's logo
47:22 - Samsung is loading McAfee antivirus software on smart TVs
48:16 - Serious Amazon Ring vulnerability leaves audio and video feeds open to interception and spoofing
49:44 - Coinhive cryptojacking service to shut down in March 2019
50:30 - Cryptocurrency wallet caught sending user passwords to Google's spellchecker
51:21 - Cloudflare expands its government warrant canaries
52:13 - Thunderbolt vulnerabilities leave computers wide-open
53:10 - Researchers break digital signatures for most desktop PDF viewers
54:11 - New flaws in 4G, 5G allow attackers to intercept calls and track phone locations
54:34 - 5G means you’ll have to say goodbye to your location privacy
56:14 - Plain wrong: Millions of utility customers’ passwords stored in plain text
57:34 - UFED iPhone/Android hacking tools on sale on ebay from $100
58:20 - IBM so very, very sorry after jobs page casually asks hopefuls: Are you white, black... or yellow
1:00:19 - Computer servers 'stranded' in space
1:01:25 - FarFarOut displaces FarOut as the most distant object in our solar system
1:02:12 - Millions of Ugandans quit internet services as social media tax takes effect
1:03:48 - Michigan attorney general uses Facebook message to serve $784K judgment
1:05:11 - Family pug seized by town over unpaid debts and sold on eBay
1:06:48 - Florida Man blames anime for molesting girl in church utility closet
1:08:25 - Man accused of dipping testicles in customer's salsa

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