0:00 - Intro
1:04 - AMD promises ‘extreme gaming laptops’ in 2023 with new Dragon Range CPU
1:54 - AMD doubles the number of CPU cores it offers to Chromebooks
3:19 - Microsoft Edge Overtakes Safari as World's Second Most Popular Desktop Browser
4:22 - Paramount Plus subscriber count has grown to nearly 40 million
6:17 - Alibaba Cloud gets more of Android working on RISC-V silicon
6:58 - Apple employees criticize work-from-home policy in open letter
8:36 - Apple lawsuit says 'stealth' startup Rivos poached engineers to steal secrets
11:28 - Apple Reaches Settlement to Pay $15 to Some iPhone 4S Owners Who Experienced Buggy Performance After iOS 9 Update
12:23 - Intuit to pay $141M settlement over 'free' TurboTax ads
13:39 - Square Enix sells all of its Western game studios—and their games—to Embracer
15:08 - New York Bill Would Force Amazon to Limit Grueling Warehouse Quotas
15:55 - Amazon Kindle E-Readers Will Now Convert EPUB to Kindle Format
17:01 - Amazon pledges $20 billion in exports from India by 2025
20:19 - Starbucks to launch NFTs this year, offering access to ‘unique experiences and benefits’
21:27 - NY Times says Wordle drove “tens of millions” of new users, record growth
22:59 - All 2023 Volvos Will Have Hybrid or Fully Electric Powertrains
23:22 - Google Overhauls Performance Review System After Employee Criticism
24:15 - A major Patreon survey shows that most creators don’t want crypto payments
24:59 - 1 Billion Cryptocurrency Users in a Decade, Predicts Coinbase CEO
26:05 - iPhone users complain Apple Music is installing itself to the dock, booting out their other apps
27:31 - Sonos is about to introduce its own voice assistant
28:41 - SpaceX engineer says NASA should plan for Starship’s “significant” capability
29:46 - NASA Is Sending Artificial Female Bodies to the Moon to Study Radiation Risks
31:32 - NASA's James Webb Space Telescope completely aligned and fully focused
32:08 - Rocket Lab catches falling rocket with a helicopter — then drops it in the ocean
34:53 - Japan firm develops AI system to catch shrine box donations thieves
36:08 - Hear the Sound of a Black Hole ‘Echo’


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