1:24 - Ajit Pai refuses to investigate Frontier’s horrible telecom service
4:09 - F.T.C. Commissioners Back Privacy Law to Regulate Tech Companies
5:40 - This Senator Wants to Ban Videogame Loot Boxes Aimed at Kids
9:17 - US charges one of the Anthem hackers
10:51 - U.S. regulators approve new Silicon Valley stock exchange
13:36 - FCC blocks China Mobile from operating in U.S. over national security concerns
15:15 - Justice Department shuts dark web drug directory, arrests alleged owners
17:42 - ‘One Ring’ robocall scam targeting New York and Arizona area codes, FCC warns
18:59 - RIAA Obtains Subpoena to Expose 'Infringing' Cloudflare Users
20:36 - Tenants win as settlement orders landlords give physical keys over smart locks
22:50 - SF approves ban on cashless stores
26:00 - Illinois proposes $1,000 registration fee for electric cars
27:28 - Tencent shuts down PUBG Mobile in China for patriotic alternative
29:09 - In a first, Israel responds to Hamas hackers with an air strike
31:33 - First private Japanese rocket reaches space
32:48 - India is investigating Google over alleged Android abuse
35:23 - Singapore passes new law to police fake news despite concerns
36:56 - EU Quietly Ramps Up Preparations To Re-introduce Blanket Data Retention After Top Court Threw It Out In 2014
38:33 - Facebook and Instagram don't wreck kids' lives, claims new study
41:04 - Facebook contractors categorize your private posts to train AI
42:40 - Facebook co-founder says Zuckerberg 'not accountable,' calls for government break up
45:11 - New Facebook Lawsuit Suggests 'Another Cambridge Analytica' Has Come To Light
46:55 - Elon Musk is going to trial for calling a cave diver a pedophile on Twitter
48:50 - Instagram influencer Jessy Taylor said her account being deleted felt like murder
52:41 - Jeff Bezos unveils Blue Origin's Blue Moon lunar lander for astronauts
55:31 - Intel Process Technology Update: 10nm Server Products in 1H 2020, Accelerated 7nm in 2021
56:49 - Amazon fired these 7 pregnant workers. Then came the lawsuits
59:10 - Samsung Electronics says no anticipated shipping date yet for Galaxy Fold
1:00:42 - Google creates 'dedicated placement' in search results for AMP Stories, starting with travel category
1:04:07 - Charter squeezes more money out of Internet users with new cancellation policy
1:06:08 - Uber IPO: Stock starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange
1:09:16 - U.S. adults are spending big on video games, playing mostly on smartphones
1:11:15 - 512GB SSDs' Price-per-GB Estimated to Fall Below US$0.1 and Hit an All-time Low This Year End, Says TrendForce
1:12:17 - 3D Printed Village by Yves Béhar, ICON, and New Story
1:14:49 - Windows gets a new terminal
1:16:57 - Apple Is Vastly Exaggerating iPhone Battery Life Claims According To UK Advocacy Group
1:19:57 - Delta Airlines staff told 'don't unionise, buy video games'
1:21:13 - Dire new figures show the cable industry is now losing 14,000 subscribers every day
1:23:36 - AI avatars could be the next generation’s favorite entertainers
1:26:39 - Letting neural networks be weird • A neural net names racehorses
1:30:28 - New Data On London Metro Police Facial Recognition Tech Shows It's Still Wrong 96 Percent Of The Time
1:32:12 - Drones used missiles with knife warhead to take out single terrorist targets
1:34:21 - New Intel firmware boot verification bypass enables low-level backdoors
1:36:38 - Samsung spilled SmartThings app source code and secret keys
1:37:57 - ‘Unhackable’ encrypted flash drive eyeDisk is, as it happens, hackable
1:39:18 - Microsoft SharePoint servers are under attack
1:40:29 - Hackers breached 3 US antivirus companies, researchers reveal
1:42:18 - Millions of people uploaded photos to the Ever app. Then the company used them to develop facial recognition tools
1:44:02 - Google Thought My Phone Number Was Facebook’s and It Ruined My Life
1:45:30 - Amazon hit by extensive fraud with hackers siphoning merchant funds
1:47:28 - Binance says more than $40 million in bitcoin stolen in ‘large scale’ hack
1:50:36 - Software update crashes police ankle monitors in the Netherlands
1:52:15 - Denver Just Became the First U.S. City to Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms
1:53:20 - Indonesian Air Force to fly jet fighters to wake people for 'sahur'
1:54:50 - More than 300 cats were just found in a Toronto apartment
1:56:17 - Bethesda is Publishing a Doom-Based Fitness Program
1:57:50 - Call for poor and disabled to be given NHS fitness trackers
2:00:25 - Teen critically injured while playing 'choking game' donates organs, mom says
2:02:04 - Kazakh detained over empty placard vigil
2:04:04 - Ex-Netflix creative director raises $1.6 million for Liquid Death canned water
2:05:32 - Fortnite is free, but kids get bullied into spending money for skins
2:10:25 - Couple Uses Tesla Autopilot in Porn
2:14:24 - Statistician Midori Makita Calculates Percentage of Consensual Sex in Erotic Manga

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