0:45 - Jeff Bezos unveils Blue Origin's Blue Moon lunar lander for astronauts
3:35 - Intel Process Technology Update: 10nm Server Products in 1H 2020, Accelerated 7nm in 2021
4:53 - Amazon fired these 7 pregnant workers. Then came the lawsuits
7:14 - Samsung Electronics says no anticipated shipping date yet for Galaxy Fold
8:46 - Google creates 'dedicated placement' in search results for AMP Stories, starting with travel category
12:11 - Charter squeezes more money out of Internet users with new cancellation policy
14:12 - Uber IPO: Stock starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange
17:20 - U.S. adults are spending big on video games, playing mostly on smartphones
19:19 - 512GB SSDs' Price-per-GB Estimated to Fall Below US$0.1 and Hit an All-time Low This Year End, Says TrendForce
20:21 - 3D Printed Village by Yves Béhar, ICON, and New Story
22:53 - Windows gets a new terminal
25:01 - Apple Is Vastly Exaggerating iPhone Battery Life Claims According To UK Advocacy Group
28:01 - Delta Airlines staff told 'don't unionise, buy video games'
29:17 - Dire new figures show the cable industry is now losing 14,000 subscribers every day
31:40 - AI avatars could be the next generation’s favorite entertainers
34:43 - Letting neural networks be weird • A neural net names racehorses
38:32 - New Data On London Metro Police Facial Recognition Tech Shows It's Still Wrong 96 Percent Of The Time
40:16 - Drones used missiles with knife warhead to take out single terrorist targets

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