0:52 - Another Tesla crash triggers a fire, this one in Switzerland 2:03 - Tesla crash driver admits to checking phone while in Autopilot mode 4:02 - Tesla rejected more advanced driver monitoring features on its cars 5:07 - The Selfish Ledger: Google's dystopian vision of populace control through 'total data collection' 9:40 - Charter Uses Net Neutrality Repeal To Claim States Can't Hold It Accountable For Shoddy Service, Failed Promises 14:29 - Comcast charges $90 install fee at homes that already have Comcast installed 15:56 - Amazon threatens to move jobs out of Seattle over new tax 18:56 - Fed Up With Apple's Policies, App Developers Form a 'Union' Ahead of WWDC 21:10 - Apple pays Ireland first tranche of disputed taxes 23:25 - Here Are the Mugshots of the Guys Who Allegedly Run (And Why They Were Booked) 26:09 - Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct 27:53 - Zuckerberg will meet with European parliament in private next week 29:36 - Facebook's new transparency report now includes data on takedowns of 'bad' content, including hate speech 30:49 - Serving Healthy Conversation 34:19 - Industry lawyer will lead FTC's consumer protection unit, despite strong opposition 37:09 - Homeland Security unveils new cyber security strategy amid threats 38:39 - Trump personally pushed postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, other firms 43:33 - Congress' Latest Move to Extend Copyright Protection Is Misguided 47:02 - How Rogers, Telus and Bell sell access to your location data to third-party companies 48:32 - Card Breach Announced at Chili's Restaurant Chain 49:46 - Encrypted Email Has a Major, Divisive Flaw 51:36 - Thieves suck millions out of Mexican banks in transfer heist 53:26 - Forget scanning license plates; cops will soon ID you via your roof rack 55:42 - Hardcoded Password Found in Cisco Enterprise Software, Again 58:17 - The Facebook Android App Is Asking for Superuser Privileges and Users Are Freaking Out 59:50 - Ex-Intel security expert: This new Spectre attack can even reveal firmware secrets 1:03:52 - Hacker Breaches Securus, the Company That Helps Cops Track Phones Across the US 1:08:33 - AMD integrates Ryzen PRO and Radeon Vega graphics in next-generation APUs 1:10:19 - First 10nm Cannon Lake Laptop Spotted Online: Lenovo Ideapad 330 for $449 1:12:14 - Microsoft announces Xbox Adaptive Controller for players with disabilities 1:13:20 - Google is making an AR headset with new Qualcomm chips 1:14:12 - RoboFly is first flying-insect micro-robot to go tetherless 1:16:17 - NYC announces plans to test algorithms for bias 1:17:35 - Walmart Gives Up Replacing Store Cashiers With Machines 1:19:46 - The Boston restaurant where robots have replaced the chefs 1:23:08 - AI Identifies Patients at Highest Risk of Cholera Infection 1:25:26 - Florida county to battle mosquitoes through federal drone program 1:27:06 - Why Is Government Drone Flying Over A Sacramento Neighborhood? 1:28:55 - Call of Duty coming to mobile, will be made by Candy Crush dev 1:30:39 - Fortnite Addiction Is Becoming a Problem for Major League Baseball 1:31:57 - Floating island is planned with government, cryptocurrency and houses 1:35:41 - UK Gov't To Allow Citizens To Head To Nearest Newsstand To Buy Naughty Media... Licenses 1:38:30 - Online candidates forum hacked by naughty video 1:39:40 - Robot stands in for US student at graduation 1:41:25 - $13 Million Adult Toy Startup Launches First Product For Dinguses