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1:25 - Newly discovered vulnerability raises fears of another WannaCry
2:38 - Manchester attack could lead Theresa May's government to launch huge internet crackdown
5:32 - Vermont DMV Caught Using Illegal Facial Recognition Program
6:49 - Malicious Subtitles Threaten Kodi, VLC and Popcorn Time Users, Researchers Warn
7:45 - Wikimedia is clear to sue the NSA
9:16 - Google Following Your Offline Credit Card Spending To Tell Advertisers If Their Ads Work
12:01 - Hackers hit Russian bank customers, planned international cyber raids
13:40 - Hackers Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 With Fake Iris
15:10 - DJI threatens to 'brick' its £1.5k copters unless owners agree to share their details online
17:53 - FCC won't publish evidence of alleged DDoS attack, amid net neutrality battle
18:32 - Comcast tries to censor pro-net neutrality website calling for investigation of fake FCC comments potentially funded by cable lobby
20:43 - Dead People Are Posting Anti-Net Neutrality Comments to the FCC Website
21:46 - Republicans want to leave you more voicemail - without ever ringing your cellphone
23:57 - Robot police officer goes on duty in Dubai
25:11 - Google AI AlphaGo wins again, leaves humans in the dust
25:53 - China censored Google's AlphaGo match against world's best Go player
26:40 - Bitcoin plunges more than $300 after earlier hitting all-time high
28:10 - Microsoft says its best not to fiddle with its Windows 10 group policies (that don't work)
31:11 - Announcing Windows 10 China Government Edition and the new Surface Pro
32:14 - Goldman Sachs analysis of autonomous vehicle job loss
33:50 - Facebook flooded with 'sextortion' and revenge porn, files reveal
34:55 - Ukraine blocks popular social networks as part of sanctions on Russia
36:21 - Gaming: Community Update #4: Let's Talk DRAM!
38:04 - Amazon's Free Banana Stands Disrupting Local Fruit Economy
39:03 - World Of Tanks Developer Gets Negative Review Video Taken Down Under Threat Of Copyright Claim, Backlash Ensues
40:54 - Xbox game subscription service launches June 1
42:15 - New Battery Technology Draws Energy Directly From Human Body
44:16 - Boeing will make the military's new hypersonic spaceplane
46:42 - Geneticists edited tomato mutations with CRISPR tech

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