0:00 - Intro
1:55 - U.S. opens first major silicon carbide chip plant in New York
3:14 - Google launches Media CDN to compete on content delivery
3:45 - Apple Launches Do-It-Yourself Repairs For iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE
5:09 - Android’s app store privacy section starts rolling out today
6:56 - Dell defends CAMM, its controversial new laptop memory
8:34 - Comcast and Charter team up to topple Roku, Amazon streaming hardware
11:04 - Facing Protests, Amazon Makes Cell Phone Access at Warehouses Permanent
12:37 - Pixel Watch prototype is left at a bar, gets photographed
13:40 - Qualcomm’s M1-class laptop chips will be ready for PCs in “late 2023”
14:39 - Amazon (AMZN) Q1 2022 earnings
15:11 - Netflix Employees Could Face More Layoffs as Stock Falls
16:13 - Tesla shares sink, losing over $125 billion in market value
16:49 - Apple reports best March quarter ever with new records for iPhone and Mac
18:15 - Starlink made a deal with Hawaiian Airlines to fix in-flight Wi-Fi
20:00 - Virtual meeting study: 50% of participants arrive late, 22% don’t say anything
21:12 - Crypto firms seek clearer U.S. rules on their interest-bearing products
22:01 - Fidelity to allow Bitcoin in 401(k) plans
23:13 - YouTube is testing ads on its short-form answer to TikTok, Shorts
25:53 - Call of Duty slumps heading into Activision-Microsoft deal vote
27:13 - Robinhood cutting about 9% of full-time employees
28:16 - With $130 Million In Hand, Ayar Labs Looks To Commercialize Optical I/O
29:34 - Twitch Considering Cutting Streamer Pay to Boost Profits
32:04 - Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker
33:48 - Arm China Pursues Rogue CEO in Court, Close to Ousting
34:49 - Indian cows (and buffaloes) are going online
36:14 - Cloudflare detects one of the largest DDoS attacks on record targeting crypto platform
37:06 - North Koreans Are Jailbreaking Phones to Access Forbidden Media
39:10 - Microsoft fixes 40-minute Point of Sale bug in Windows 11
40:01 - Microsoft finds Linux desktop flaw that gives root to untrusted users
40:44 - Microsoft Edge is getting a built-in VPN powered by Cloudflare
43:03 - Russian hacking in Ukraine has been extensive and intertwined with military operations, Microsoft says
43:49 - Hackers Reportedly Target Wind-Energy Companies
44:28 - NFTs Stolen After Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram, Discord Hacked
45:32 - Call of Duty cheaters are being struck blind by anti-cheat software
46:15 - Google now lets you request the removal of personal contact information from search results


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