0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Snap announces a mini drone called Pixy
2:59 - All of the bases in DNA and RNA have now been found in meteorites
5:13 - China Hopes to Redirect a Nearby Asteroid Within the Next Four Years
6:05 - Meta's newest AI discovers stronger and greener concrete formulas
7:03 - Crimes on the moon could soon be added to Canada's Criminal Code
8:20 - Crabs and lobsters may get similar rights to mammals in UK experiments
10:14 - Red Bull Pilots Will Attempt to Swap Planes Mid-Air in Death-Defying Feat
11:59 - Dakota school board member accidentally posts ‘porn’ link while advocating for abstinence
13:06 - Scientists: Japan's Plan To Dump Nuclear Waste Into The Pacific Ocean May Not Be Safe
15:27 - Katharine Birbalsingh: Girls dislike hard maths, says education adviser
17:29 - ‘No one is immune or exempt’: Sheriff arrests his own daughter for meth trafficking
18:48 - Illinois Law Bans Schools From Fining Children With Tickets. So the Police Are Doing It for Them.
21:07 - EgyptAir plane crash that killed 66 likely caused by pilot's cigarette, documents reveal
22:29 - Tropicana creates cereal to be mixed specifically with orange juice
23:58 - Man stacks 7 M&Ms to break previous Guinness World record
25:23 - Woman marries pet cat in bid to stop landlords separating them
26:46 - Tory MP accused of watching pornography in Commons chamber
27:34 - Germany to Evict Existing Afghan Refugees for Clearing Out Accommodation Centres for Arriving Ukrainians
28:29 - Feral cat hunting season proposed by Licking County official
30:36 - Great, Wisconsin has the fattest dogs
32:53 - Fictosexual man who married hologram says he can't communicate with her anymore


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