1:20 - U.S. regulator demands companies take action to halt 'robocalls'
2:59 - How an InfoWars Video Became a White House Tweet
7:56 - Amazon must give up Echo recordings in double murder case, judge rules
9:14 - Manhattan DA Cy Vance Says The Only Solution To Device Encryption Is Federally-Mandated Backdoors
11:38 - Gab Server Subpoenaed By Pennsylvania Attorney General
13:38 - Georgia’s secretary of state Brian Kemp doxes thousands of absentee voters
15:50 - U.S. official says China violating 3-year-old cybertheft accord
17:37 - Hackers stole income, immigration and tax data in breach, government confirms
19:20 - The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights
22:55 - French Push for EU Tech Tax Falters as Italy Vows to Go It Alone
24:08 - Chinese 'gait recognition' tech IDs people by how they walk
27:25 - 7-Eleven tests cashier-free shopping in 14 stores
29:59 - Amazon’s reduced holiday hiring is a bad sign for human workers
31:01 - Artificial intelligence predicts Alzheimer's years before diagnosis
33:40 - A robot scientist will dream up new materials to advance computing and fight pollution
35:10 - Google is using AI to help The New York Times digitize 5 million historical photos
37:01 - Chinese news agency adds AI anchors to its broadcast team
41:24 - PayPal is canceling accounts used by the Proud Boys and antifa groups
43:42 - IDC: Tablet shipments decline for 16th straight quarter
44:45 - Scoop: AT&T to cut off some customers' service in piracy crackdown
46:08 - AMD reveals Zen 2 processor architecture in bid to stay ahead of Intel
49:08 - Cord cutting accelerates: 1M customers dropped pay TV last quarter
50:39 - Yelp craters as much as 32% as advertisers abandon the site
51:42 - Microsoft Is Being Sued Over the Xbox One's Warranty-Void-if-Removed Sticker
53:47 - Amazon begins mailing printed holiday toy catalog
56:07 - Samsung shows off a foldable prototype that combines phone and tablet
58:31 - Tesla names director Denholm to replace Musk as board chair
1:00:01 - Google pledges to overhaul its sexual harassment policy after global protests
1:03:11 - Disney's new Netflix rival will be called Disney+ and launch late 2019
1:04:51 - Amazon Is Kicking All Unauthorized Apple Refurbishers Off Amazon Marketplace
1:08:13 - Apple's New Hardware With The T2 Security Chip Will Currently Block Linux From Booting
1:09:39 - VW plans to sell electric Tesla rival for less than $23,000: source
1:11:51 - Tesla worker from San Jose charged with embezzling more than $9 million from the company
1:12:51 - Facebook quietly launches a TikTok competitor app called Lasso
1:14:21 - Zuckerberg rebuffs request to appear before UK parliament
1:15:26 - Facebook ends mandatory arbitration for sexual-harassment claims
1:15:58 - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Gets Reputation Hit After Data Blunders
1:19:43 - Voting Machine Manual Instructed Election Officials to Use Weak Passwords
1:21:10 - Tencent will soon require Chinese users to present IDs to play its video games
1:23:14 - Researchers ‘break’ Edge with zero-day remote code exploit
1:24:22 - Police decrypt 258,000 messages after breaking pricey IronChat crypto app
1:25:56 - Cisco removed its seventh backdoor account this year, and that's a good thing
1:26:49 - U.S. Secret Service Warns ID Thieves are Abusing USPS’s Mail Scanning Service
1:28:13 - 'Almost all' Pakistani banks hacked in security breach, says FIA cybercrime head
1:29:08 - DJI Drone Vulnerability Exposed Customer Data, Flight Logs, Photos and Videos
1:30:35 - Researchers Defeat Most Powerful Ad Blockers, Declare a ‘New Arms Race’
1:33:10 - The US Military Just Publicly Dumped Russian Government Malware Online
1:34:24 - VirtualBox zero-day published by disgruntled researcher
1:36:08 - Samsung built a robot butt just to test its smartphones' durability
1:38:06 - Microsoft has a version of its new campus in Minecraft
1:39:33 - Bill Gates Aims to Save $233 Billion by Reinventing the Toilet
1:42:45 - Chinese headmaster fired over secret coin mining at school
1:44:04 - Harvard researchers suggest interstellar object might have been from alien civilization
1:46:34 - Reports of active shooter at NC school turn out to be malfunctioning water heater
1:48:29 - Self-driving cars could function as moving brothels, academics predict

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