0:00 - Intro
1:25 - NASA’s Moon landing will likely be delayed ‘several years’ beyond 2024, auditors say
2:57 - States are investigating how Instagram recruits and affects children
3:45 - Bank-only stablecoins limit innovation, official says at Cleveland Fed conference
4:27 - US government seizes $56 million in crypto from BitConnect’s ‘number one promoter’
5:44 - BlockFi in SEC Crosshairs for Crypto Accounts
6:41 - Elon Musk: SpaceX will hopefully launch Starship flight in January
7:51 - Apple (AAPL) Aims for Fully Self-Driving Car
9:23 - Apple sticking taxpayers with part of the bill for digital ID rollout
11:34 - The end of “click to subscribe, call to cancel”? One of the news industry’s favorite retention tactics is illegal, FTC says
12:16 - VR treatment for chronic pain gets FDA authorization
14:32 - Nvidia’s Arm Bid Gets U.K. Probe on National Security Concerns
15:52 - Adviser to EU’s top court suggests German bulk data retention law isn’t legal
16:39 - French government to speed up deployment of open source
18:18 - Fugaku remains world's fastest supercomputer on Top500, behind secret Chinese exascale systems
19:47 - Secretive Chinese Committee Draws Up List to Replace U.S. Tech
20:56 - Bitcoin falls as China takes aim once again at 'extremely harmful' crypto mining
21:55 - White House Spurns Intel Plan to Boost Chip Production in China
23:17 - Portugal: Proposed law tries to sneak in biometric mass surveillance.
24:07 - OpenAI ends developer waiting list for its GPT-3 API
26:15 - Discord is quietly building an app empire of bots
27:47 - New York City passed a bill requiring 'bias audits' of AI hiring tech
28:57 - Cerebras Systems raises $250M for the ‘fastest AI processor on Earth’
29:55 - Jeff Bezos: Earth Will One Day Be 'Yellowstone National Park'
33:11 - Russia may have just shot down its own satellite, creating a huge debris cloud
35:05 - America is hiring a record number of robots


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