0:48 - AWS rolls out new security feature to prevent accidental S3 data leaks
2:17 - Amazon discloses names and addresses -- but doesn't disclose details
3:20 - Popular Dark Web hosting provider got hacked, 6,500 sites down
4:03 - Et tu, Office? After pulling Windows 10 update, Microsoft does the same for Office
4:54 - Microsoft now lets you log into Outlook, Skype, Xbox live with no password
6:41 - Linus Torvalds: After big Linux performance hit, Spectre v2 patch needs curbs
8:57 - Ford Eyes Using Personal Data to Boost Profits
11:24 - Your phone indeed has ears that you may not know about
13:47 - New Linux crypto-miner steals your root password and disables your antivirus
15:50 - Rowhammer attacks can now bypass ECC memory protections
17:41 - China is offering it citizens up to US$86,000 to snitch on porn
20:36 - DHS wants to use credit scores to determine who gets to be a legal U.S. resident
23:06 - This chest-mounted robot feeding arm could stuff your face when you’re too full to move
25:23 - Samsung Apologizes to Workers Got Cancer From Factories
26:43 - India Kashmir: Fax machine fuels political crisis
28:42 - A toxic Overwatch player has changed his ways after Blizzard explained his ban
31:15 - Dog kills owner with forklift truck
33:29 - Dead fish to power cruise ships
36:30 - First ever plane with no moving parts takes flight
38:39 - AI Mistakes Bus-Side Ad for Famous CEO, Charges Her With Jaywalking
40:44 - Forget VR treadmills—Google patents motorized, omnidirectional VR sneakers
43:18 - Facebook slammed for allowing South Sudanese user to auction off 16-year-old bride
46:31 - Monopoly for Millennials is not about real estate because 'you can't afford it anyway,'
49:08 - Love in another dimension: Japanese man 'marries' Hatsune Miku hologram

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