1:40 - Feds Expand Security Researchers' Ability to Hack Without Going to Jail
3:36 - The Consumer Data Protection Act Would Send CEOs to Jail for Violating Consumer Privacy
4:41 - Tesla says DOJ and SEC are investigating Model 3 production targets
6:23 - FCC leaders say we need a 'national mission' to fix rural broadband
8:16 - FCC Falsely Claims Community Broadband an 'Ominous Threat to The First Amendment'
9:45 - US declines in internet freedom rankings, thanks to net neutrality repeal and fake news
10:43 - US accuses China, Taiwan firms with stealing secrets from chip giant Micron
11:39 - US bans exports to Chinese DRAM maker citing national security risk
12:43 - U.S. Indicts Chinese Hacker-Spies in Conspiracy to Steal Aerospace Secrets
14:10 - Companies sign letter against Trump's proposed gender definition change
16:20 - CIA Vault7 leaker to be charged for leaking more classified data while in prison
17:30 - UK announces digital services tax on tech giants
18:15 - Surveillance state: NSW intensifies citizen tracking
19:53 - How did Iran find CIA spies? They Googled it
22:17 - Intel CPUs fall to new hyperthreading exploit that pilfers crypto keys
25:06 - Google won't let you sign in if you disabled JavaScript in your browser
26:19 - Bleedingbit zero-day chip flaws may expose majority of enterprises to remote code execution attacks
27:44 - TV report: Israel silent as Iran hit by computer virus more violent than Stuxnet
29:16 - Intel CPUs impacted by new PortSmash side-channel vulnerability
29:33 - Civil servant who watched porn at work blamed for infecting a US government network with malware

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