0:39 - IRS suspends contract with Equifax after malware discovered 2:14 - Equifax rival TransUnion also sends site visitors to malicious pages 3:33 - Google slashes its ridiculously-priced dongle to Apple's level 5:05 - SWIFT says hackers still targeting bank messaging system 5:57 - Qualcomm Seeks China iPhone Ban, Expanding Apple Legal Fight 8:02 - This Is the Week Wall Street Went Nuts Over Cryptocurrencies 10:21 - Dangerous sound? What Americans heard in Cuba attacks 11:55 - Judge says US govt has 'no right to rummage' through anti-Trump protest website logs 13:44 - Equifax breach included 10 million US driving licenses 14:52 - FCC's claim that one ISP counts as "competition" faces scrutiny in court 16:40 - Amazon is in talks with Phrame and is working on a smart doorbell 19:45 - Dutch privacy regulator says Windows 10 breaks the law 20:36 - Secret files on jets and navy ships stolen in 'extensive and extreme' hack 21:28 - Russia turns cold on crypto-currencies 22:34 - Russia Has Turned Kaspersky Software Into Tool for Spying 23:17 - Germany Says No Evidence Found Kaspersky Software Used by Russians for Hacks 24:05 - U.S. and Russian company Kaspersky spying scandal 26:23 - Office Depot, Best Buy Pull Kaspersky Products From Shelves 26:47 - Tesla fires hundreds from headquarters, factory 30:00 - Latest iOS Update Shows Apple Can Use Software to Break Phones Repaired by Independent Shops 31:31 - Samsung Electronics CEO resigns over 'unprecedented crisis' 33:08 - Twitter Is Crawling With Bots and Lacks Incentive to Expel Them 36:48 - Hollywood studios join Disney to launch Movies Anywhere digital locker service 40:14 - Comcast Pressures Local Cable Firms to Curb Low-Cost TV Packages 44:46 - Morgan Stanley Buys Millions of Fake YouTube Views? 48:27 - Facebook Announces $199 Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset 51:09 - NVIDIA introduces a computer for level 5 autonomous cars 53:18 - PureVPN Logs Helped FBI Net Alleged Cyberstalker 55:48 - Dark Web Ransomware Economy Growing at an Annual Rate of 2,500% 56:52 - Over 500 Million PCs Are Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency, Researchers Reveal 57:48 - IT Admin Trashes Railroad Company's Network Before He Leaves 59:35 - Someone Is Trying to Knock the Dark Web Drug Trade Offline 1:01:47 - Google disables touch function on Home Mini - BBC News 1:03:28 - Hyatt Hotels Suffers 2nd Card Breach in 2 Years 1:04:29 - Pirate Bay is Mining Cryptocurrency Again, No Opt Out 1:06:05 - Warning: Microsoft is using Cortana to read your private Skype conversations 1:06:56 - Unpatched Exploit Lets You Clone Key Fobs and Open Subaru Cars 1:09:23 - California DMV changes rules to allow testing and use of fully autonomous vehicles 1:11:30 - PornHub uses computer vision to ID actors, acts in its videos 1:14:34 - In Flesh-Cutting Task, Autonomous Robot Surgeon Beats Human Surgeons 1:16:44 - Startup Iron Ox is developing small farms in suburbia that will be run by robots 1:19:17 - Startup Aims to Train Crows to Pick up Trash 1:22:37 - Microsoft built treehouse offices for employees 1:26:37 - Policing in the future uses citizen detectives, Pokémon Go-like app 1:28:48 - Dead or Alive Xtreme PC will downgrade boob physics on low-end hardware ********************************** Thanks for watching our videos! If you want more, check us out online at the following places: + Website: + Forums: + Store: + Patreon: + L1 Twitter: + L1 Facebook: + Wendell Twitter: + Ryan Twitter: + Krista Twitter: + Business Inquiries/Brand Integrations: *IMPORTANT* Any email lacking “” should be ignored and immediately reported to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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