1:26 - The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies
2:19 - The Big Hack: The Software Side of China’s Supply Chain Attack
2:46 - Apple Insiders Say Nobody Internally Knows What’s Going On With Bloomberg’s China Hack Story
3:47 - UK's GCHQ, U.S. officials cast doubt on iCloud server spy chip report
5:44 - Bloomberg’s spy chip story reveals the murky world of national security reporting
9:37 - Apple's New Proprietary Software Locks Will Kill Independent Repair on New MacBook Pros
10:49 - US judge asks SEC to justify fraud settlement with Tesla's Musk
12:35 - Elon Musk mocks SEC as 'Shortseller Enrichment Commission'
14:49 - A shadowy op-ed campaign is now smearing SpaceX in space cities
16:22 - Some iPhone XS and XS Max devices are experiencing charging issues
17:47 - Microsoft announces app mirroring to let you use any Android app on Windows 10
19:47 - Amazon Eliminating Bonuses, Stock Awards to Help Pay for Raise
24:11 - Amazon private label brands are quietly taking over
25:53 - Jeff Bezos Is Planning to Ship ‘Several Metric Tons of Cargo’ to the Moon
27:42 - Brain Scans Can Detect Who Has Better Skills
30:50 - No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Tab With Their Personal Data
33:06 - Windows 10 October 2018 Update is deleting user data — here's how to protect yourself
33:50 - Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October Update (version 1809)
34:38 - Report Finds U.S. Wireless Video Streaming Utterly Mediocre Thanks To Arbitrary Carrier Throttling
36:15 - Tencent employs facial recognition to detect minors in top-grossing mobile game ‘Honour of Kings’
38:10 - Limit Theory cancelled, six years after Kickstarter
39:55 - KFC Announces New Gaming Division Named KFC Gaming
43:34 - Ajit Pai faces rare criticism from GOP senator on rural broadband failures
45:04 - Entire broadband industry sues California to stop net neutrality law
46:20 - Cities will sue FCC to stop $2 billion giveaway to wireless carriers
47:23 - Can't spot the bot? In California, automated accounts have to reveal themselves
48:37 - New Yorkers sue Trump and FEMA to stop Presidential Alert
51:07 - Democrats draft an ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ to regulate Big Tech
53:45 - Pence says Google should halt Dragonfly app development
54:16 - FBI forces suspect to unlock iPhone X with Face ID
56:01 - Despite objection, Congress passes bill that lets U.S. authorities shoot down private drones
57:25 - Australian industry and tech groups unite to fight encryption-busting Bill
58:26 - Travellers refusing digital search now face $5000 Customs fine
1:00:11 - Police Use Fitbit Data to Charge 90-Year-Old Man in Stepdaughter’s Killing
1:01:43 - Canadian Music Group Proposes 'Copyright Tax' on Internet Use
1:04:05 - Police to Seattle’s techies, streamers: Sign up for our anti-swatting service
1:05:57 - Kim Dotcom Loses Privacy Battle Following High Court Appeal
1:07:21 - Facebook bug prevented users from deleting their accounts
1:08:58 - Instagram explores sharing your precise location history with Facebook
1:10:48 - Undercover cops break Facebook rules to track protesters, ensnare criminals
1:15:38 - French police officer caught selling confidential police data on the dark web
1:17:14 - The US government is using road signs showing drivers how fast they’re going to capture license plate data
1:18:36 - Some Apple laptops shipped with Intel chips in "manufacturing mode"
1:20:01 - Remote Access System Hacking Is No. 1 Patient Safety Risk
1:21:38 - Recent wave of hijacked WhatsApp accounts traced back to voicemail hacking
1:22:50 - BlackBerry races ahead of security curve with quantum-resistant solution
1:23:48 - Researchers create font to boost memory
1:25:25 - Can an AI Write a Novel?
1:28:07 - New autonomous farm wants to produce food without human workers
1:29:40 - Fully driverless Waymo taxis are due out this year, alarming critics
1:32:15 - Researchers Created ‘Quantum Artificial Life’ For the First Time
1:33:12 - Grindr Will Now Have to Sue Fuckr to Keep Controversial Tool Down
1:36:13 - Tesla Model 3 Driver Pulled Over For Having 'Computer' Strapped to Dashboard
1:37:40 - Clapping replaced with jazz hands over fears noise could trigger anxiety among students
1:39:38 - Officer urges parents against buying phone case in viral social media post
1:41:16 - Cern scientist: 'Physics built by men - not by invitation'
1:46:34 - Banksy painting – Girl with Balloon – self-descructs through built-in shredded after artwork sale at Sotheby's
1:48:38 - Fortnite Is As Addictive As Heroin According To Health Experts
1:50:40 - City Council amends SOB ordinance to block sex doll rental shop

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