1:35 - Verizon lobbyist runs for NY AG—as the state sues FCC over net neutrality repeal
4:45 - Major Telecom Urges Employees to Protest Net Neutrality Bill, Claiming It Threatens Workers
6:20 - Five-Eyes nations to force encryption backdoors
8:21 - Bernie Sanders introduces the BEZOS Act, slamming Amazon's low wages
11:51 - Justice Department says it's concerned social-media companies 'hurting competition'
13:34 - IBM Used NYPD Surveillance Footage to Develop Technology that Lets Police Search by Skin Color
15:09 - Apple is creating an online portal for law enforcement data requests
17:25 - The Air Force is determining ‘the appropriate process’ for Elon Musk smoking pot
19:20 - EU to move ahead with cultural quotas for streaming services
23:17 - Google Notifies People Targeted by Secret FBI Investigation
25:34 - Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable offence
27:36 - Benin is the latest African nation taxing the internet
29:46 - West Virginia offers free cybersecurity training to the elderly
30:49 - DOJ announces charges against North Korean hacker for Sony, Wannacry cyber attacks
32:57 - Intel can’t supply 14nm Xeons, HPE directly recommends AMD Epyc
35:03 - AMD Announces $55 Athlon 200GE With Vega Graphics, Second-Gen Ryzen Pro CPUs
36:27 - Huawei and Honor's Recent Benchmarking Behaviour: A Cheating Headache
38:49 - NASA's $1 Million Mars-Settling Challenge: Turn CO2 into Sugar
41:21 - After Nabbing Billions In Tax Breaks, AT&T's Promised Job Growth Magically Evaporates
44:45 - Apple Says Proposed China Tariffs Will Boost Product Prices
45:34 - Apple just permanently banned Infowars from the App Store
48:38 - Amazon Won't Be Second to Apple for Long
50:34 - YouTube and Netflix `Throttled' by Carriers, Research Finds
52:32 - Tesla stock falls on executive departures, Musk smoking weed
54:56 - Elon Musk doubles down on personal attack against cave rescuer, calls him "child rapist"
57:33 - Tesla: Goldman Sachs says there's more trouble ahead
59:01 - Mercedes Unveils First Tesla Rival in $12 Billion Attack
1:00:25 - Microsoft 'Confirms' Windows 7 New Monthly Charge
1:01:29 - Theranos blood-testing company to dissolve, pay creditors
1:03:08 - IBM secretly used NYPD CCTV footage to train its facial recognition systems
1:06:09 - The US Army is building drones that never need to land
1:07:27 - Robot boat sails into history by finishing Atlantic crossing
1:09:14 - The Pentagon is investing $2 billion into artificial intelligence
1:11:03 - This leak-seeking robot just won the U.S. James Dyson Award
1:12:53 - This Hyper-Real Robot Will Cry and Bleed on Med Students
1:17:06 - Equifax Data Breach, 1 Year Later: Obvious Errors, No Fixes
1:18:02 - Premera Blue Cross accused of destroying evidence in data breach lawsuit
1:19:11 - Thousands of Compromised MikroTik Routers Send Traffic to Attackers
1:19:59 - For 2nd Time in 3 Years, Mobile Spyware Maker mSpy Leaks Millions of Sensitive Records
1:21:42 - MEGA.nz Chrome extension caught stealing passwords, cryptocurrency private keys
1:23:10 - 400,000 websites vulnerable through exposed .git directories
1:24:34 - BA hacked: 380,000 card payments 'compromised' in breach
1:25:28 - Apple yanks top Mac app a month after learning it sends user info to China
1:27:26 - Vizio may soon inform customers when its smart TVs are spying on them
1:30:26 - More than 1 in 4 American users have deleted Facebook, Pew survey finds
1:31:39 - Domino's realizes free pizza for life promotion was a bad idea
1:35:07 - [Ksummit-discuss] CHANGE OF PLAN: Maintainer Summit will be in Edinburgh
1:36:33 - Boy, 15, beheaded himself with chainsaw after losing computer game
1:38:05 - Seoul to check public toilets daily for hidden cameras

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