0:00 - Intro
1:01 - OpenAI will let developers build ChatGPT into their apps
2:06 - Addressing criticism, OpenAI will no longer use customer data to train its models by default
2:47 - OpenAI Is Now Everything It Promised Not to Be: Corporate, Closed-Source, and For-Profit
3:32 - Some companies are already replacing workers with ChatGPT, despite warnings it shouldn’t be relied on for ‘anything important'
4:48 - Apple blocks update to email app with ChatGPT tech
5:24 - Snapchat releases ‘My AI’ chatbot powered by ChatGPT
6:22 - How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI-Generated Voice
7:44 - Microsoft gives Bing's AI chatbot personality options
8:27 - Fighting ‘Woke AI,’ Musk Recruits Team to Develop OpenAI Rival
9:05 - ChatGPT for Robotics
10:15 - Almost 40% of domestic tasks could be done by robots ‘within decade’
11:19 - Ford Applies to Patent Self-Repossessing Cars That Can Drive Themselves Away
13:11 - Discovery of massive early galaxies defies prior understanding of the universe
13:59 - NASA Says Earth Is Greener Today Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China, India
14:25 - #FindTheKetchupBoatGuy success: Heinz locates the man who survived nearly a month at sea by eating ketchup and seasonings
15:35 - Dow said it was recycling our shoes. We found them in Indonesia
16:22 - Stanford Profs Throw Censorship Fit in Move to Cancel Bias Reporting System
17:08 - Politician faces controversy for writing lewd fanfic featuring IU
19:22 - Purple Heart awarded to deputy in fatal shooting during middle school pickup prompts backlash
20:48 - 2 arrested in Lake Worth for organized scented candle theft ring
21:55 - Chicago man arrested twice in one day for breaking into cars — while on electronic monitoring for breaking into cars
22:31 - Space Force official kept job after IG investigated sex toys at work
23:18 - Thai drug lord caught despite extensive plastic surgery to become ‘handsome Korean man’
23:42 - Erythritol: Zero-calorie sweetener linked to heart attack, stroke, study finds
24:58 - To Help Combat Climate Change, Unilever Is Making Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt At Higher Temps
25:52 - Ric Flair to be the face of cannabis products for erectile dysfunction from Mike Tyson's weed company
26:42 - Georgia woman drives SUV into Popeyes over missing biscuits, police say
27:21 - Thousands of cans of Bush’s Baked Beans spill after semi-truck wreck
27:59 - Western Kansas farmers are pushing to save the Ogallala Aquifer before it’s too late
28:22 - Officials plan to truck 6,000 gallons of water from Missouri River across Kansas
28:54 - Man claims mummy inside delivery bag as his 'spiritual girlfriend' 'Juanita'
29:40 - Nebraska cheerleader competes alone at state competition after squad backs out: 'Proud of myself'
30:11 - Student attacks teacher over Nintendo Switch in Florida
31:02 - Naked girl enters wrong hotel room, LoL player unfazed
31:48 - Giant flying bug found at Arkansas Walmart turns out to be "super-rare" Jurassic-era insect
32:30 - Meet 11 dogs at Amazon's Culver City office in Los Angeles
33:10 - Michael Konschak, hunter who killed and skinned pet dogs, claims he thought they were coyotes
33:44 - Cyclist suspended after killing San Marino minister’s cat with air rifle
34:31 - Visiting raccoon closes B.C. elementary school for the day
35:03 - Scientists discover a gold-throated hybrid hummingbird


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