0:00 - Intro
0:32 - Silicon Valley Bank drops another 60% and is halted Friday as it's shut down by regulators
1:54 - Crypto bank Silvergate to shut down amid crisis
3:15 - Google: Fewer employees to get senior promotions to senior roles
4:03 - Facebook parent Meta plans thousands more layoffs as soon as this week
5:25 - Amazon closing some of its cashier-free stores
6:38 - Amazon pauses construction on 2nd headquarters in Virginia
8:01 - Zoom Abruptly Fires President Greg Tomb
8:50 - Intel Tapes Out Chips on 1.8nm and 2nm Production Nodes
9:28 - Qualcomm wants to replace eSIMs with iSIMs, has the first certified SoC
10:18 - Apple's spring surprise could be the early arrival of the M3 MacBook Air
10:59 - Nvidia issues fix for GeForce driver causing CPU spikes
11:46 - Nvidia, AMD grapple with latest U.S. curbs on China's Inspur
12:54 - HP outrages printer users with firmware update suddenly bricking third-party ink
14:07 - Daring Fireball: Roku Doesn't Support IPv6 and It Might Be a Big Deal
15:31 - VW says sorry for child carjacking fiasco, makes safety service free
16:29 - Microsoft tells UK it will license 'Call of Duty' to Sony for 10 years
17:13 - Microsoft will now preview the future of Windows with new Canary channel
17:46 - Microsoft Unveils Its Own Version of Nvidia's RTX Super Resolution
18:18 - Microsoft is testing file recommendations in Explorer
19:19 - Microsoft says Bing has crossed 100 million daily active users
20:35 - Microsoft Announces iMessage Support on Windows With Several Limitations
21:26 - Google expands VPN access to all Google One members, rolls out new ‘dark web report’ feature
22:03 - Spotify's biggest update in over a decade includes "entirely new" home feed, CEO says
23:29 - Russian game developer bans and doxes 6,700 cheaters
24:05 - Roald Dahl ebooks ‘force censored versions on readers’ despite backlash
25:30 - Netflix fights attempt to make streaming firms pay for ISP network upgrades
27:46 - Amazon worker loses bid for California class action over remote work expenses
28:56 - Texts from crypto giant Binance reveal plan to elude US authorities
30:07 - How fake copyright complaints are muzzling journalists
31:22 - JPMorgan Chase 'requires workers give 6 months notice'
31:59 - The pirvacy loophole in your doorbell
33:29 - Huawei under suspicion of tracking and spying on visitors at its MWC 2023 booth
34:19 - AllTrails Data Exposes Precise Movements of Former Biden Official
35:42 - San Diego police want to add surveillance tech: 500 streetlight cameras plus license plate readers
36:58 - Stealthy UEFI malware bypassing Secure Boot enabled by unpatchable Windows flaw
37:33 - Acer confirms breach after hacker offers to sell stolen data
38:14 - Biden administration announces plan to stop water plant hacks
39:15 - Data breach hits 'hundreds' of lawmakers and stall on Capitol Hill


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