0:00 - Intro
0:38 - US regulators say SVB customers will be made whole as second bank fails
1:44 - Roku says 26% cash reserves stuck in Silicon Valley Bank
2:29 - 11 banks sweep in with a $30 billion rescue of First Republic Bank
3:19 - Federal Reserve Board - Federal Reserve Board announces it will make available additional funding to eligible depository institutions to help assure banks have the ability to meet the needs of all their depositors
4:35 - KPMG stands by audits of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank
6:03 - CPI inflation February 2023 increased 0.4% and 6% from a year ago
7:33 - GitLab (GTLB) earnings Q4 2023
8:32 - Bitcoin nears $26,000, and Binance halts UK customer deposits and withdrawals
9:19 - Google over-hired talent to do ‘fake work’ and stop them working for rivals, claims former PayPal boss, Keith Rabois
10:47 - France's Macron risks his government to raise retirement age
11:38 - Sam Bankman-Fried Gave Himself $2 Billion of Company Money
13:02 - Samsung's new Texas chip plant cost rises above $25 billion
13:31 - Samsung to invest $230 billion to build 'mega' chip cluster
14:35 - Apple’s ‘mixed reality’ headset is coming this year as Tim Cook hurries next big product, report says
15:31 - Microsoft spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a ChatGPT supercomputer
16:37 - The Pixel Fold is reportedly coming in June
17:24 - All-open source 7-inch MNT Reform Pocket laptop starts at $899, ships in October
18:35 - Google has discontinued the Glass Enterprise Edition
19:21 - SpaceX is getting ready to test the Starlink satellite to cell service it promised last year
19:47 - EU 8K TV ban goes into effect — here’s how Samsung got around it
20:38 - UK to invest £900m in supercomputer in bid to build own ‘BritGPT’
21:49 - 20 years later, Second Life is launching on mobile
22:22 - Nasdaq tells Yandex, other Russian firms of plan to delist stocks
23:32 - YouTube TV hikes price to $72.99 per month due to rising ‘content costs’
25:26 - Microsoft signs another Call of Duty deal in bid to impress regulators
26:40 - Dish hit with $469 million verdict over commercial-skipping technology
27:40 - Ethereum: Final Testnet Upgrade Brings Shanghai Closer Than Ever
28:46 - DreamWorks' OpenMoonRay Renderer Code Published
29:39 - It looks like Samsung is cheating on 'space zoom' moon photos
31:42 - Pornhub Bought By Private Equity Firm Ethical Capital Partners
32:58 - What You Can’t Say on YouTube
34:28 - TikTok mulls splitting from ByteDance if proposal with U.S. fails
34:37 - TikTok Whistleblower: Data Safeguards Don't Stop China
36:42 - Meta to cut another 10,000 jobs and cancel ‘low priority projects’
37:37 - Zuckerberg Encourages Employees To Get Back To the Office
38:05 - Meta to end news access for Canadians if Online News Act becomes law
39:38 - Meta exploring plans for Twitter rival
41:01 - Meta winds down support for NFTs on Instagram and Facebook
42:34 - Teens Are Stealing More Cars. They Learn How on Social Media.


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