0:00 - Intro
0:29 - BT to cut up to 55,000 jobs by 2030 as fibre and AI arrive
1:22 - Vodafone plans 11,000 job cuts in the UK and worldwide
2:13 - Cord-Cutting Q1 2023: Pay-TV Ops Lose 2.3M Subs, Worst Quarter to Date
2:51 - Netflix reportedly plans to cut spending by $300 million
3:33 - Disney is scrapping plans for a new $1 billion Florida campus
5:10 - Drobo, having stopped sales and support, reportedly files Chapter 7 bankruptcy
5:51 - Google will disable third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users in Q1 2024
6:28 - YouTube is bringing 30-second unskippable ads to its TV apps
7:25 - Google’s new “inactive account” policy won’t delete years of YouTube videos
8:27 - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sells 10M copies in 3 days
9:24 - Alibaba to spin off its cloud, AI and business messenger unit
10:03 - Steam Now Offers 90-Minute Game Trials, Starting With Dead Space
11:04 - Verizon’s new plans make sense to nobody except Verizon
12:47 - Worldcoin: ChatGPT's Sam Altman's Ethereum-based crypto venture
13:51 - Anti-Piracy Outfit Wipes ACE's 'Watch Legally' Page From Google
14:34 - Google rolls out fix for Pixel battery drain issue
15:56 - Microsoft wants Firefox to make Bing its default search engine
16:34 - Overwatch 2's PvE Hero Mode Is Being Scrapped, Blizzard Explains What Happened and Why
18:00 - Amazon secures LOTR rights for new MMO open world game
19:57 - Nvidia introduces $399 RTX 4060 Ti and $299 4060 without introducing a price hike.
20:39 - Apple's 'M3 Pro' chipset could feature 12 CPU cores
21:38 - Foxconn to Lose Top-Tier iPhone Assembly Allocation for First Time
22:13 - iPhones will be able to speak in your voice with 15 minutes of training
23:36 - HP disables customers’ printers if they use ink cartridges from cheaper rivals
25:00 - Bluetooth tags for Android’s 3 billion-strong tracking network are here
25:56 - Telcos draw up proposal to charge Big Tech for EU 5G rollout
27:02 - Google will soon let Pixel phones double as dashcams
28:14 - Google Fiber puts out a call to test 20 Gig Internet service
29:22 - Logitech teams up with iFixit on a self-repair program
30:47 - IBM and Google commit $150M to quantum computing research
31:22 - Amazon announces new Echo devices: Echo Pop, Echo Show 5s, cheap Echo Buds
32:24 - Replication of high-temperature superconductor comes up empty
33:09 - Apple Registers 'xrOS' Wordmark Ahead of WWDC Headset Unveiling
33:44 - Lithium battery fire and smoke incidents on airplanes worry pilots, flight attendants
34:40 - Augmented reality laptop ditches screen for 100-inch virtual display
35:45 - Ex-ByteDance exec claims CCP "maintained" access to U.S. data
37:09 - Reddit will allow users to upload NSFW images from desktop
38:17 - Santa Barbara County Man Who Deliberately Crashed Airplane for YouTube Video Admits to Obstructing Federal Investigation

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