0:00 - Intro
1:29 - FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried convicted of defrauding cryptocurrency customers
2:16 - Biden signs executive order to oversee and invest in AI tech
3:54 - Amazon execs destroyed years of evidence before FTC action, agency says
6:02 - SEC Charges SolarWinds and Its CISO With Fraud and Cybersecurity Failures
7:21 - SEC subpoenas PayPal over its USD-pegged stablecoin
8:21 - US House panel seeks ban on federal purchases of China drones
9:05 - 28 countries reach landmark agreement on “safe and responsible” AI development
10:14 - Alliance of 40 countries to vow not to pay ransom to cybercriminals, US says
10:54 - Nokia sues Amazon, HP over video patent infringement
11:39 - Canada bans WeChat, Kaspersky applications on government devices
12:36 - U.K. Government Publishes Final Proposals for Crypto, Fiat-Backed Stablecoin Regulation
13:35 - EU digital ID reforms should be ‘actively resisted’, say experts
15:13 - Mass lawsuit against Apple over iPhone batteries can go ahead, London tribunal rules
16:43 - Dutch regulator disputes Apple's commissions in dating app case
19:11 - Russia Blocks 167 VPNs, Steps Up OpenVPN & WireGuard Disruption
20:07 - China removes anonymity of bloggers' accounts with more than 500,000 followers
21:17 - Apple warns Indian opposition leaders of state-sponsored iPhone attacks
22:11 - Brazil Regulator Claims "80% of Pirate TV Boxes" Were Blocked Last Week
23:42 - 23andMe Announces Collaboration Extension with a New Data Licensing Agreement with GSK
24:54 - Microsoft is overhauling its software security after major Azure cloud attacks
25:38 - Russian Hackers Breached 632,000 DOJ And Pentagon Email Addresses In Massive MOVEit Cyberattack, Report Says
26:25 - Two Russians indicted for hacking JFK taxi dispatch system
27:37 - Powerful Malware Disguised as Crypto Miner Infects 1M+ Windows, Linux PCs
28:29 - Google promises a rescue patch for Android 14’s “ransomware” bug
29:55 - Boeing says 'cyber incident' hit parts business after ransom threat
31:10 - AI Cameras Took Over One Small American Town. Now They're Everywhere

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