0:00 - Intro
1:10 - Intel and Tower ink major foundry deal, $300M investment after Intel cancels its $5.4B Tower acquisition
2:03 - AMD Zenbleed Vulnerability Fix Tested: Some Apps Drop 15%, Gaming Unaffected
3:15 - Apple inks new long-term deal with Arm for chip technology, according to filing
4:14 - Apple to Launch 'Low-Cost' MacBook Series Next Year to Rival Chromebooks
5:39 - Samsung Unveils Industry's First 32Gbit DDR5 Memory Die: 1TB Modules Incoming
6:19 - Lenovo’s new 27-inch, 4K monitor offers glasses-free 3D
7:09 - Magic Leap 1 Headsets Will "Cease To Function" After 2024
8:17 - Toyota says filled disk storage halted Japan-based factories
9:16 - As Hurricane Idalia caused flooding, some electric vehicles exposed to saltwater caught fire
10:12 - Nissan Begins Repurposing Leaf Car Batteries as Portable Power Stations
10:53 - Nintendo demoed Switch 2 to developers at Gamescom
11:50 - Google is killing Play Movies & TV, will only have three video stores left
13:15 - Chrome is about to look a bit different
14:04 - YouTube adds playable games for select users to try
15:02 - BMW drops plan to charge a monthly fee for heated seats
16:27 - Rotten Tomatoes Still Has Hollywood in Its Grip
19:17 - Birmingham City Council goes under after Oracle disaster
20:15 - Sam Altman–backed Mentra aims to match neurodivergent jobseekers with ideal jobs
21:44 - UK air traffic meltdown 'one in 15 million' event
23:12 - Windows File Explorer made snappier thanks to one weird bug
24:08 - Microsoft starts billing for Teams transcription APIs
25:40 - Starfield’s missing Nvidia DLSS support has been added by a free mod
26:35 - RIP, WordPad
27:28 - Spotify will reportedly restrict ad payouts for white noise podcasters
28:03 - This summer's hottest streamer game appears to be gone for good
28:58 - Procreate’s latest iPad app aims to make animation easier for everyone
29:50 - Roku Laying Off 10% of Employees, Will Take up to $65M Content Charge
30:33 - Renderings show Solano County city tech billionaires are planning
31:32 - How Google made the world go viral
35:17 - Scientologists Ask Federal Government to Restrict Right to Repair
36:40 - Walmart changes starting pay structure for entry-level store workers
37:47 - Facebook is getting rid of the News tab in Europe
38:31 - X’s new terms of service insist that tweets are now posts
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