0:00 - Intro
0:25 - ChatGPT traffic slips again for third month in a row
1:03 - Duet AI for Google Meet can take notes, summarize, and even attend meetings
2:17 - “AI took my job, literally”—Gizmodo fires Spanish staff amid switch to AI translator
3:09 - Gannett to pause AI experiment after botched high school sports articles
4:59 - Microsoft's AI-powered backpack approved for public feedback
6:08 - AI-Generated Drake and the Weeknd Song Submitted for Grammys
7:03 - Ghostwriter Returns With an A.I. Travis Scott Song
8:33 - Inside Meta’s AI Drama: Internal Feuds Over Compute Power
9:38 - Apple Boosts Spending to Develop Conversational AI
10:16 - Buzzy AI Startup for Generating 3D Models Used Cheap Human Labor
11:21 - Baidu CEO says more than 70 large AI language models released in China
12:09 - What If Our Clothes Could Disrupt Surveillance Cameras?
13:06 - Pentagon’s new AI drone initiative seeks ‘game-changing shift’ to global defense
14:31 - NYPD to deploy drones to monitor backyard parties this holiday weekend, and privacy advocates aren't happy
15:49 - FAA clears UPS delivery drones for longer-range flights
16:44 - NJ man accused of using drone to dye pools green
17:31 - SFFD says 2 robotaxis blocked ambulance carrying patient who died
18:40 - Starship is stacked and ready to make its second launch attempt
19:11 - Billion-Dollar Satellite Risks Upending Space Insurance
20:22 - Mission accomplished, India puts moon rover to 'sleep'
21:06 - Child driver leads Arizona troopers on chase near Phoenix
21:40 - Sheriff's deputies shoot out tires of stolen backhoe to keep suspected thief from demolishing animal shelter
22:29 - Large-scale gambling ring uncovered in Milford after police raid backyard volleyball games
23:54 - Teen accused of biting Necto employee’s testicles after being denied entrance
24:33 - Clogged toilet leads to 5 arrests at Papa Bees restaurant in Longwood
25:52 - Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg
26:47 - A biotech company says it put dopamine-making cells into people’s brains
27:24 - Hundreds of Tough Mudder racers infected by rugged, nasty bacterium
28:34 - Obese patients treated on hospital ground floor because of fears of concrete collapse
29:37 - Terminator model has living skin made from fungi
30:16 - Florida Man Charged Over Failed Attempt to Cross Atlantic in Giant ‘Hamster Wheel’
31:28 - Burning Man 2023 rain keeps burners confined to camps
32:37 - Texas heat melts off iconic Buc-ee's beaver sign in viral video
33:32 - SA charter school using specific hall pass for students on their menstrual cycle, sparking outrage among parents
34:55 - Atlanta flight forced to come back after flyer has diarrhea ‘all the way through’ plane, pilot says
36:09 - 2 passengers were kicked off an Air Canada flight because they refused to sit in seats covered in puke
37:57 - Scientists finally know why Germany’s wild boar are surprisingly radioactive
39:03 - Lidl recalls Paw Patrol snacks after website on packaging displayed porn
40:08 - Dog runs away from home, sneaks into Metallica concert at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood
41:10 - ‘Non-native’ species reported in Kentucky for first time in state history
42:05 - 3-legged Florida bear named Tripod busts into family's mini fridge

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