0:00 - Intro
2:12 - OpenAI disputes authors’ claims that every ChatGPT response is a derivative work
4:02 - OpenAI launches a ChatGPT plan for enterprise customers
5:17 - Meta releases Code Llama, a code-generating AI model
6:06 - A.I. Brings the Robot Wingman to Aerial Combat
7:23 - Meet Aleph Alpha, Europe’s Answer to OpenAI
8:53 - Google DeepMind has launched a watermarking tool for AI-generated images
9:56 - Call of Duty will use AI to moderate voice chats
11:25 - ‘Life or Death:’ AI-Generated Mushroom Foraging Books Are All Over Amazon
12:39 - California Firefighters Are Training A.I. to Detect Wildfires
13:17 - Hollywood studios release offer outlining wage increases, AI protections for writers
14:17 - Use of AI Is Seeping Into Academic Journals—and It’s Proving Difficult to Detect
15:38 - Microsoft Removes Bizarre Travel Articles but Says AI Not the Problem
18:32 - The New York Times blocks OpenAI’s web crawler
19:04 - Walmart and Wing Team Up To Provide the Convenience of Drone Delivery
20:00 - California DMV cuts Cruise’s fleet after 2 San Francisco crashes
22:17 - Driverless cars worse at detecting children and darker-skinned pedestrians say scientists
23:24 - NASA to Demonstrate Laser Communications from Space Station
24:12 - Clearspace-1 space debris cleanup target struck by space debris
25:10 - SpaceX’s new Bandwagon program is a big threat to small launch providers
26:01 - Luna 25: Russia's lunar lander crashes into the moon
26:34 - Chandrayaan-3 live: India's Vikram lander makes historic Moon landing
27:15 - Chicago TV news crew robbed at gunpoint while reporting on a string of robberies
28:00 - White Sox Shooting Happened After Woman Snuck Gun in Via ‘Belly Fat’
28:56 - City official forced to resign after offering ‘Doom Loom Walking Tour’ of San Francisco
29:58 - Federal workers in S.F. told to work from home due to nearby crime
30:32 - Florida woman doused herself in Mountain Dew to erase DNA after killing roommate in Daytona Beach
31:21 - Man facing charges after driving Power Wheels Jeep while impaired
32:26 - At least two children suffer injuries after going down slides covered in bear spray
33:25 - Tech elites plot new invention: A North Bay city
35:15 - Paramount DMCAs ‘Star Trek’ Fan Project, Apparently Deaf To The History Of ‘Star Trek’
37:29 - WHO aspartame safety panel linked to alleged Coca-Cola front group
39:06 - Woman’s mystery illness turns out to be 3-inch snake parasite in her brain
40:17 - Nothing sticks: New silicon-infused 3D printed toilet bowl repels all
42:12 - A transparent squid could reveal secrets of the brain
42:48 - Monster hunters descend on Scotland for biggest Loch Ness search in 50 years
43:31 - Otter unmasked as Chester hotel's £100k koi carp thief
44:37 - Man stopped by US police for driving with huge bull in passenger seat
45:38 - Iranian realtor arrested for selling apartment to a dog
46:49 - Hookworms successfully prevent type 2 diabetes in human trial
48:45 - Why do cats love tuna so much? Scientists may finally know
49:42 - Jump-roping cat breaks Guinness World Record
50:53 - Rare giraffe without coat pattern is born at Tennessee zoo

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