We tried to do as many as we could, sorry if we missed your question (maybe next time?!) This also went a lot longer than we expected, so here's some timestamps if you're just looking for quick answers:

00:00 Intro
01:40 Are you going to Quakecon or Penguicon?
02:42 What phones do you have? Do you do anything to customize your phones? Are you l337 haxxors?
05:38 Will we be getting Ryzen laptop reviews? Linux specific vendor reviews?
05:55 Who would win in a fight between Ryan and Wendell?
07:41 How many computers/monitors/etc do you own?
10:06 Favorite programming language?
11:38 What games do you like/looking forward to?
12:05 Have you considered moving away from Youtube?
13:44 What tools do you use to make your content?
16:30 Where do you see Level1Techs going this year?
18:59 How do you manage your time?
21:20 What are your favorite channels/books/etc?
23:49 Favorite thing of 2017?
24:37 Favorite book you've read?
25:09 What is one thing everyone should know how to do?
26:07 Do you have any more networking things planned?
26:21 Any plans for another 10gig ethernet video?
26:45 Any more plans for big projects?
27:25 Ever think of building your own linux distro?
27:29 What teas do you like? Is there any l1 branded hardware in the pipeline?
28:45 What happened to that DIY hybrid g/fresync monitor?
29:00 If each of you could go back to college and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be?
30:20 How is Dot Dot doing and have you made any progress?
30:48 During your time at L1, what new skills have you learned?
31:46 Sticker giveaway? Collaborate with Lunduke?
32:10 When will the mug be back in stock?
32:30 Favorite song or album from 2017?
33:39 Favorite Hangover Cure?
33:53 What are you thinking for the enterprise channel?
34:45 Temple OS?
35:10 Can there be a delayed release of the patreon podcast to everyone?
36:27 When do we get to meet the boiler snake?
36:39 Are you planning on doing another office tour?
37:19 What can be done against the problems that result from jobs being replaced by machines?
37:52 Do you provide internships at your day jobs?
38:08 What are you doing to prevent Meldown/Spectre? Are you experiencing any issues?
38:40 What do you think about using Win 10 LTSB vs. other versions of Windows?
40:05 Favorite sports/teams?
40:35 How did you guys meet?
41:28 Are you happy with the demographics of the forum and community?
45:06 Are you guys filming at an old warehouse?
45:23 What textbooks would you recommend?
46:00 What ungodly hack are you most proud of?
47:55 What are everyone's keyboard and mouse preferences?
50:28 What the fuck
51:29 Best defense against the war with the machines?
53:41 Is it worth learning front end programming for a first skill in development?
55:14 Outro

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