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If you just need the guide, it's linked below and step by step. This app is about the "how we got here" and "why its weird" -- also covers why VirtualBox and VMware Workstation don't work for this use case :(
0:40 What do we mean by "Seamless Mode"
1:20 Everyone needs Accelerated GPU sharing for Computer Hygene
1:58 This is different than VFIO which we've shown in the past, but there are bugs
2:32 -- that time stamp is 15:09, you're welcome :D
3:02 Why we need a usable industry-wide standard for sharing one GPU among multiple apps/OS
4:15 Steam support on native linux
5:39 Even though we have Proton, Crossover, Wine... Microsoft Office Still Sucks on "native" Linux and MS keeps breaking it
6:15 Virtual Machine is Flawless to run office, but no GPU acceleration (unless you VFIO)
7:25 VDI is this in the enterprise, but it costs way way too much
8:00 VDI more about control than cost savings, but is overdue imho for coming to consumers
9:05 Second GPU/VFIO passthrough -- but it has had landmines historically
9:50 AMD products for GPU sharing is much the same
12:30 Nvidia API can capture individual windows, including games, to seamlessly pass through but the API is not open on non-quadro cards
14:30 Qubes -- Similar Philosophy, but can't be used because the security of VDI or GPU sharing is not good enough or their project goals.
14:22 RemoteApp: Cornerstone of Seamless Mode
15:00 How Seamless works -- Remote App Setup
16:07 Run Explorer as your remote app (to launch more apps) - Kim Knights Registry Helper Thinige
16:55 WinApps as alternative to KimKnights Registry Helper Thingie
17:30 XfreeRDP -- there are bugs
19:20 More about the Guide for this Linked Below

+ Detailed Guide on The Level1Forum:
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