A new Server for Level1Techs to play around with! Featuring the Tyan Transport SX TS70A-B8056, and $3500 worth of memory. Wendell is totally having fun with this new project!


0:00 Intro
0:43 Unboxing
1:30 Inside the Server
5:59 Genoa
7:24 Brief memory interlude
7:52 CPU Cooler
8:11 Actual Memory Section
10:54 IO
11:57 Turning it on
12:32 Post at 4000
13:40 Burn-in Testing
15:50 Filling the Drives/Storage
17:45 The Beauty of Generic
20:15 Hypotheticals
23:24 Liqid
24:12 Scaling up?
25:44 Testing with What?
28:18 One last Thing
30:27 Outro

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Intro and Outro Music: "Earth Bound" by Slynk

Edited by Autumn