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0:00 - 2:45 Drinking Nonsense
3:00 Phone repair shop employees accused of stealing nude photos – Naked Security
5:00 Microsoft announces Windows Sandbox, a desktop environment for running applications in isolation
7:00 Hackers swipe card numbers from local government payment portals | ZDNet
7:55 Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home | Reuters
9:00 Two Android apps used in combat by US troops contained severe vulnerabilities | ZDNet
10:30 Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Update for Internet Explorer RCE Zero-Day
11:00 - 13:18 Drinking Nonsense
13:18 Fortnite teen hackers 'earning thousands of pounds a week' - BBC News
15:50 Four months after its debut, sneaky Mac malware went undetected by AV providers | Ars Technica
18:00 'Finding Dory' aquarium sorry for insensitive tweet about Abby the large otter | US news | The Guardian
19:30 Facebook collects user data from apps like Tinder, OKCupid and others
24:11 Twitter plunges on Citron report calling it 'toxic' and 'uninvestable' - BNN Bloomberg
26:30 Mark Zuckerberg could be 2018's biggest loser — he's already down nearly $20 billion
29:00 Facebook disbands secretive research lab amid reorganization
31:00 Instagram tightens eating disorder filters after BBC investigation - BBC News
33:00 Turning Off Facebook Location Services Doesn't Stop Tracking
35:00 Twitter is relaunching the reverse-chronological feed as an option for all users starting today - The Verge
38:14 Facebook Allowed Netflix, Spotify, And A Bank To Read And Delete Users’ Private Messages
40:00 As A Final Fuck You To Free Speech On Tumblr, Verizon Blocked Archivists | Techdirt
42:00 D.C. attorney general sues Facebook over alleged privacy violations from Cambridge Analytica scandal
43:20 WhatsApp has an encrypted child porn problem | TechCrunch
45:40 Facebook Is Developing a Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers, Sources Say
47:10 Chinese university wants students to scan QR codes to shower
49:00 ? Night terrors?
51:00 World of Reel: Zimbabwean Activists: Disney's “Hakuna Matata” Trademark is An “Assault on Swahili People"
53:00 Video: SNES Classic Runs PSone Games Better Than The PlayStation Classic - Nintendo Life
57:00 PooPrints brings in millions testing dog poop DNA to snag non-scoopers
59:00 Bing recommends piracy tutorial when searching for Office 2019 | ZDNet
1:00:00 YouTuber admits aspects of viral HomePod glitter bomb video were faked
1:02:30 No more dodgy women drivers as UK bans sexist stereotypes in...
1:05:30 Fundraiser by Brian Kolfage : We The People Will Fund The Wall
1:10:00 'Fresh Prince' star Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over use of dance his character Carlton popularized - CNN
1:13:22 Questionable bushes hard to ignore
1:14:00 Debian's Anti-Harassment Team Is Removing A Package Over Its Name - Phoronix
1:18:51 Sex robot: First 'consensual' brothel FLOPS after fundraising struggles | Daily Star

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